sexta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2013

Música sobre estudar bioquímica (2)

O "desespero" e a "angústia" de se ter que estudar bioquímica, com todo aqueles nomes complicados, e conceitos nem sempre muito fáceis de entender voltou a ser tema de inspiração para o Dr. Ahern, que desta vez se baseou na canção She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.

Faça download da música aqui

Anthem for BB 350

Oh the students taking BB 350 - 350
Have an awful lot of things that we must know - 350
With acetic acid buffer
Kevin Ahern makes us suffer
The exams could not be tougher 3-5-0 – 350

There’s amino acid side chains to recall - 350
And the things it takes to make cholesterol - 350
Anabolic catabolic
Kevin Ahern’s diabolic
I’m becoming alcoholic 3-5-0 -350

There must be a way to jam into my head - 350
All the metabolic enzyme names I dread - 350
Can you help me learn the spaces
Where the endonucleases
Cut the DNA in places 3-5-0 -350

I must find a way to make a better grade
Or my GPA will truly get waylaid
I shall overcome frustration
To achieve my aspiration
On the last examination 3-5-0, 350

Here’s the plan I made to help me to succeed
Fill the notecard with the knowledge I will need
I’ve put all of Ahern’s quotes
Along with what each one denotes
Onto a massive stack of notes for 3-5-0, 350

So there’s just one teensy problem I must fix
It requires some very skillful penman tricks
Squeezing info I must store
Onto the card he gave before
Will mean a font the size of zero point one four

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