terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Música sobre estudar bioquímica

Como é lógico, o Dr. Ahern não poderia deixar de fazer uma música sobre os exames de Bioquímica, e sobre a árdua tarefa que é estudar para eles. Inspirou-se na canção The Yellow Rose of Texas. E já agora... para todos aqueles que estão neste momento a estudar Bioquímica... Boa sorte! ;)

Faça download da música aqui

The Mellow Woes of Testing

The term is almost at an end
Ten weeks since it began
I worried how my grade was ‘cause
I did not have a plan
The first exam went not so well
I got a fifty three
‘Twas just about the average score
In Biochemistry

I buckled down the second time
Did not sow my wild oats
I downloaded the videos
And took a ton of notes
I learned about free energy
And Delta Gee Naught Prime
My score increased by seven points
A C-plus grade was mine

I sang the songs, I memorized
I played the mp3s
I learned the citrate cycle
And I counted ATPs
I had electron transport down
And all of complex vee
I gasped when I saw my exam
It was a ninety three

So heading to the final stretch
I crammed my memory
And came to class on sunny days
For quizzing comedy
I packed a card with info and
My brain almost burned out
‘Twas much to my delight I
Got the ‘A’ I’d dreamed about

So here’s the moral of the song
It doesn’t pay to stew
If scores are not quite what you want
And you don’t have a clue
The answers get into your head
When you know what to do
Watch videos, read highlights and
Review, review, review