quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2012

Música sobre PCR

A técnica de PCR está presente no dia a dia de muitos investigadores. Graças ao Dr. Ahern (www.davincipress.com/metabmelodies.html), pode também estar presente sob a forma de música. Esta canção foi baseada na  conhecida She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain,

PCR Woes

First you must design the primers- PCR!
Make sure that they won't form dimers - PCR!
Then you check the melting T's
A's and T's are two degrees
And it's four for G's and C's in PCR!

Oh the thermocycler's set for PCR!
If this fails you'll be upset with PCR!
First you melt and did I mention
It's anneal and then extension
Copying is the intention - PCR!

Many times the protocol you've tried to fix
Checking all your tubes and then your mastermix
Looking for contamination
As you build up your frustration
If there's no amplification - PCR!

You can use reverse transcription - PCR!
Surely you'll throw a conniption - PCR!
Other types may give you trouble
Oh there's inverse and there's bubble
Your anxiety will double - PCR

Oh you've really got to amplify this strand
Hope that when you run your gel you've got a band
Didn't get what you expected
Damn this project you selected
Now you're feeling quite dejected - PCR!

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