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Música sobre a síntese de ácidos gordos

Quem diria que a música When Johnny Comes Marching Home poderia dar origem a uma música sobre a síntese de ácidos gordos? O Dr. Ahern, claro! :)

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When Acids Are Synthesized

The 16 carbon fatty acid, palmitate
Gets all the carbons that it needs from acetate
Which citric acid helps release
From mitochondri - matrices
Oh a shuttle's great
When acids are synthesized

Carboxylase takes substrate and it puts within
Dioxy carbon carried on a biotin
CoA's all gain a quick release
Replaced by larger ACPs
And it all begins
When acids are synthesized

A malonate contributes to the growing chain
Two carbons seven times around again, again
For saturated acyl-ates
There's lots of N-A-DPH
That you must obtain
When acids are synthesized

Palmitic acid made this way all gets released
Desaturases act to make omega-threes
The finished products big and small
Form esters with a glycerol
So you get obese
When acids are synthesized

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