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Música sobre hormonas (epinefrina)

Simon and Garfunkel imortalizaram várias músicas, entre as quais se destaca "The sound of silence". O Dr. Ahern adaptou esta bonita música e criou uma música sobre a hormona epinefrina. Podem fazer download da música em www.davincipress.com/metabmelodies.html.
The Tao of Hormones

Biochemistry my friend
It's time to study you again
Mechanisms that I need to know
Are the things that really stress me so
"Get these pathways planted firmly in your head,"
Ahern said
Let's start with ep-inephrine

Membrane proteins are well known
Changed on binding this hormone
Rearranging selves without protest
Stimulating a G alpha S
To go open up and displace its GDP
With GTP
Because of ep-inephrine

Active G then moves a ways
Stimulating ad cyclase
So a bunch of cyclic AMP
Binds to kinase and then sets it free
All the active sites of the kinases await
Because of ep-inephrine

Muscles are affected then
Breaking down their glycogen
So they get a wad of energy
In the form of lots of G-1-P
And the synthases that could make a glucose chain
All refrain
Because of ep-inephrine

Now I've reached the pathway end
Going from adrenalin
Here's a trick I learned to get it right
Linking memory to flight or fright
So the mechanism that's the source of anxious fears
When I make ep-inephrine

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