sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Música sobre o glucagon

Mais uma música do Dr. Ahern (www.davincipress.com/metabmelodies.html), desta vez baseada na famosa música de Natal Santa Claus is coming to town.


Glucagon is Coming Around

Instructor sings
You've gotta admire
What molecules do
Their cellular fire
Is ready on cue
Glucagon is coming around

Whenever it binds
Receptor outside
G protein finds
G nucleotides
Glucagon is coming around

Everyone sings
They activate cyclases
That make cAMPs
Which bind to protein kinases
And pull the R's from C's

Instructor sings
The glycogen shrinks
In liver quite fast
The glucose into
The bloodstream is passed
Thanks to this you have energy

Your muscles uptake
The glucose in turn
Obtaining a substrate
That all of them burn
Thanks to this you have energy

Everyone sings
The pool of phosphatidyl
Inositides in you
Can send two separate signals
When they get split in two

Instructor sings
The IP3 sets
The calcium free
Turning on
Protein Kinase C
And it happens so easily

The muscles contract
When calcium's free
Lowering levels
Of Creatine-P
And it happens so easily

Everyone sings
Those little calcium ions
I hope you've learned them well
Are just like Martha Stewart
All locked up in a cell

Instructor sings
This story's complete
I know it's a load
My hope is your head
Ain't gonna explode
You will really need it next week

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