sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Poema sobre bioquímica

Este é um post mais "erudito"...
De certeza que muita gente que teve (ou tem!) que estudar bioquímica se vai rever neste poema.

Darkness all around, not even a candle light
These reactions I am studying deprive me of every delight
From proteins to lipids to DNA polymerase
I pray day and night to find a biochemistry hydrolase

Imagine our life in terms of "this" and "that
I swear humanity needs no complicated chemical format
What is it to know names of things that are hypothetical?
It's freaky just to think that you yourself are somehow chemical!

The primary structure of bio is an imaginary science
And the second structure is a killing device
Its terciary structure is fatal, ultra-venomous beams
And its super structure is far more scary than it seems

When I am sleeping, bio's hunting me
I can see the DNA strands totally chaining me
I wake up screaming, "I need the helicase"!!
But I calm down and overcome the bio-nightmare synthase

I go mad when I think of the double helices
It's beyond my mind to consider what no one sees
I guess bio's bonds are weak and it's not static
Actually my poor brain receptors are totally biophobic

Sarah Sherif

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